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Dublin High School—A History

In the year 1905, the parents in the town of Dublin recognized the extreme need for a school in the community.  The public schools at this time were in season for only a period of five months a year.  Upon investigation, it was found that it would be necessary to
have a boarding department in order that the school might function financially. 

Originally, three buildings were built through subscription of private funds.  These buildings included a boys’ dormitory, the Academic Building, and a general dining hall combined with the girls’ dormitory.  A second boys’ dormitory was added in the year 1907.  The athletic department was coached by college men, and in many instances the school competed with colleges.

This school was operated very successfully as a private school until 1911 when it was taken over by the county and made into a public high school.

In 1922 a new building was built to take the place of the old wooden academic building.  The cost of construction, $20,000 for the building and $5,000 for equipment, was raised by bond issue.

The first vocational agriculture class was conducted and taught at DHS by the principal, F.H. Jordan, in 1922.  These classes were held in the lower floor of the new building.  In 1937, a home economics department was added to the curriculum at Dublin.  In the summer of 1938, a new, modern agriculture building was constructed to replace the old quarters formerly used by this department.  Three more classrooms were added to the high school at this same time, a library, a senior classroom, and a sixth grade classroom.

In 1939, Dublin High School consolidated with Belspring High School to bring the total enrollment to approximately 300.  During this time, four buses were used to transport students to Dublin.

A steady growth of population caused by increased industry in the area made the DHS building of 1939 completely obsolete.  A bond issue was passed by the people of Pulaski County which enabled them to build a new $1,000,000 high school which opened at Dublin in 1953. 

The school included a separate Agriculture Building and a completely modern Home Economics Department.  The consolidation of Dublin and Draper High Schools at this time resulted in an enrollment of approximately 700 students.  Ultimately, the enrollment climbed to approximately 1300 students.

The [total county-wide] enrollment of approximately 2500 students in high schools in the county made it necessary for the people of Pulaski County to pass another bond issue—this one for $6,000,000—to build a new consolidated Pulaski County High School.  The projected enrollment for this new super-school was 2000 students.  This number reflected the total number of Pulaski County high school students in grades 9-12.


—From Maple Leaves 1974, pp 12-15  
and included in the Reunion Program, page 1  


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