1951 Maple Leaves




Thanks to Mary Kate Kidd and Alice Buford for scanning this year book and to Jean Cox for loaning it to us from the Pulaski County School Board Archives.
This yearbook was vandalized when the public was allowed access to them at the School Board Office.  It it hard to understand how someone could be so selfish as to damage this so everyone else wouldn't be able to enjoy what they have taken.  We have done the best we can to bring this yearbook to you online.  If someone else has a better copy that they would like to share, please contact Carol Smith at info@dhs-reunion.net.

Title Page
Foreword and Table of Contents
 Introduction of Classes
Seniors and Senior Class Poem
Senior Directory
Senior Class Play and Class Will
Home Economics 7 Vocational Education Pictures
 Activities Introduction

Annual Staff and Student Council
Spanish Club and Choral Club
F.F.A. and F.H.A.
Library Club and Senior Tri-Hi-Y
Freshmen and Sophomore Tri-Hi-Y and Hi -Y Club
Beta Club
Athletics Introduction
Monogram Club and Baseball
G.A.A. and Varsity Cheerleaders
Football and Cheerleaders
Autographs Advertisements
More Advertisements


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email Carol Smith, class of '74, at chsmith@pclibs.org

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